New Ideas for XTRA CREDIT

I cant be in this class next semester, but you should do some fun sun stuff. You should make a class web page or hire me to fix x boxes.


Watch what you click!

The newest movie we are making is called “Watch what you click”. We still have three or four scenes to shoot and are still chosing an ending.

Should there be a death penalty?

-Should the death penalty be  allowed or not?

-I don’t think the death penalty should be allowed.

-I don’t think the death penalty should be allowed for many reasons. The first is that it is the killing of a human being. The second is that some forms of the death penalty could be considered as cruel and unusual punishment.

-If we were to stop having the death penalty we would just have the worst punishment be life in prison.

-Some people would argue that these people are dangerous but our max security facilities are safe enough to hold them. Also some would say it is cheaper to just kill them but it is actual more expensive than just keeping them alive. It could cost anywhere from $ 500,000 to 1,500,000 per case, not including the cost of the killing.

-That my reasoning for why I don’t support the death penalty.


Today we used a web application called Wordle. It is a web site that allows you to type in words or attach an html, and it will make a picture out of the words you used. The more often you use a word the larger the word is in the picture. You can also change the color of the picture and the font.

If you want to make your own Wordle click on the link below.

>>>>>> CLICK HERE! <<<<<<

Here is example of my Wordle of my blog.


At CAM high school we have started what we call a “Twin Wall”. It is a wall filled with pictures of people that look-a-like pictures of other people. The wall is located in Mr. Arp’s room. We have pictures of students that look like: Justin Beiber, a guy with a bigchin, and Avatar.


This is an example of the pictures on the Twin Wall on the left is a picture of Donnovvan and on the right is a picture of a AFL football player… I think… or is Donnovvan on the right.

Now I can’t even tell! See how much they look-a-like.

My blog about the creator of the book of faces

My original idea for this blog was going to be to write about the creator of Facebook. As I was talking in class I found the idea of public market and the stock market very interesting. I agree that if some way Facebook could go public that they would be able to sell stock on the stock market and make a lot of money. The only thing I question is how you would be able to make it public.

Not so fun end to Homecoming

Homecoming 2010 was a pretty good one. Great floats, great costumes, great ride over to the emergency room after the game. Sounds like a load of fun, don’t it? Yeah, sure, if you like having a doctor pop your shoulder back in socket, while you miss the homecoming dance that you should be  ” Rippen’ and Tearin’ ” up at. If you like that, call me and I’ll trade you homecomings. I’m not a guy that likes needles, but believe me, you don’t feel the needle when your shoulder hurts that much. On the upside I would get some good stuff that would send me into La La land, NO, I found out that morphine does absolutely nothing for me. So now I’m in a sling and I’m out of football for 2 weeks. Can’t wait for eating B Dubs with one hand.